Life's A Beach was started in the early 80s by Jeff Theodosakis & brothers Mark & Brian Simo, three gentlemen who lived their life completely smitten by the extreme sports world. Life's A Beach came about by their pure hatred for nut-hugging swimwear and the lads went about creating baggy, knee length shorts that were, well, loud! Everyone loved their designs and they took the extreme sports world by storm, ranking up a hefty list of sponsorship deals with pro skaters, surfers and fmx riders, Mike Vallely being one of those names! Anyway, unfortunately Life's A Beach disappeared, no one really knows why or where it actually went but thankfully it is back. Based with some of our good friends in London, Life's A Beach has delved into the archives to recreate everything exactly how it was and how it should be. Loud, bold, rebellious and pretty radical.

Life's A Beach, Liquor Stores everyday Throwback.

Lifes A Beach
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