Lee 101

Henry David Lee created the Lee mercantile company in 1889 to sell groceries. It wasn't until 1912 when, disillusioned with the quality of the workwear his distributors were providing him with, he decided to open a factory to make his own. Since then Lee has grown into a household name eclipsed only by the behemoth that is Levi's, not just in the denim industry but throughout the wider clothing world. At the premium end of Lee Jeans, there's Lee 101. The absolute cream of the crop when it comes to Lee, Lee 101 specialises in selvedge denim based on vintage Lee designs and classic inspired apparel pieces. The fabric, quality and construction on display here is top notch and the production techniques are authentic down to the vintage correct lazy S arcuate detail, instantly identifying a classic Lee piece. 

Lee 101
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